Topics related to advanced combustion and gasification

Any topics related to advanced combustion and gasification including:

  • Fundamental studies aimed at enhanced understanding of HiTACG and flameless technologies including recent industrial applications

  • Gasification of different fuels, such as biomass, fossil fuels and industrial and municipal waste material

  • Power generation, boilers, gas turbines, engines with flameless and HiTACG system of combustion

  • Furnaces, heating equipment, high performance furnaces

  • Experimental studies on newer applications of HiTACG and flameless combustion

  • Energy efficiency, emission control, combustion process control

  • Recent developments and industrial applications

  • Fuel reforming and waste fuels utilization

  • Numerical simulation models for HTACG and flameless combustion

  • Hydrogen production and utilization

  • High temperature heat exchangers, gas burners, control systems

  • Lowering emissions of CO2 and pollutants by increasing efficiency



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